Over the last few years, Ambigrams have become one of the most popular styles of tattoo lettering or script. Ambigram tattoo designs that can be read the same thing both right side-up and upside-down which are often referred to as Symmetrical Ambigrams. Ambigram tattoo design seems something different when viewed upside down are known as Asymmetrical Ambigrams. Ambigrams are specifically made from words, names, phrases , script of different shapes, styles, and fonts.
The dualistic nature and stunning factor of Ambigram tattoos,which is most common or desirable among rockstars, actors, and artists alike.


angel_ambigram_tattoo devil_ambigram_tattoo

Dream-Magic Ambigram / Wolf Ambigram

dream_magic_ambigram_tattoo wolf_ambigram_tattoo


love_ambigram_tattoo true_ambigram_tattoo