Armband tattoos are mostly popular with the male population or it is known as tattoo for men.As the ink draws attention to the biceps as well as gives off an aura of masculinity. Of course, others choose to place it on their forearms for a more visible location. However, armband tattoos as have different designs.A Celtic design being one of the most popular. Apart from aesthetic reasons, the Celts used tattoos for identification purposes.It was used in battle,when it hard to identify a fellow member that is why tattoos are used to identify an enemy or a friend. The scary design patterns are specially made to intimidate their enemies.

Armband tattoos are a very popular category of tattoo. Armband tattoos can mean anything or say specific message which can be from a bicep tattoo to a feminine wristband. It is popular superstitions that tattoo artists consider it bad luck to complete the circle of an armband tattoo design, that is why they always leave a small gap to leave the circle open.

Armband round tattoo Armband cross design tattoo

Armband tattoo design can be done with various type which can be :

The Half Sleeve Armband Tattoo Design
Rose with Thorns Tattoo Designs
Water Dragon Tattoo Designs
Wing Tattoos
Jasmine Tattoo Designs
Tribal Armbands
Feminine Armbands
Masculine Armbands
Religious Armbands

The armband design pattern having Celtic symbols is basically a collection of interconnected spirals and knots which creates an elaborate rope design around the arm in a circular way. Usually It combines simplicity and complexity with its clear cut pattern that is clean as well as eye-catching. Grey, white and black are the most common or popular colors used for such pattern. Although colored pieces are also in existence and are being used, the black and white combination gives a powerful statement or message on whoever wishes to adapt the design.