Chinese Tattoo Design has always been a symbol of elegance and beauty.from last few years, Chinese tattoos have had an explosion in popularity.It can be seen in nightclubs,youth and celebrity photos.This beauty of the art,use to symbolize or can be used to express best statements, while other remaining simple and clean.
Another popular example of Chinese tattoos is the Yin and Yang. The perfect meaning of this symbol is balanced way. Each side of this represents a contrast. Yin being dark, earthly and female, Yang being light, airy and male.Usually the Yin and Yang enclosed in a lotus flower, the lotus flower being a another symbol of balance, not to mention perfection and purity.People also do a Yin and Yang eye, which represents both an internal and an external balance.Or a Yin and Yang heart, which can mean a balance of emotions.

chinese tattoo script man on back chinese tattoo script on back with two dragon

Chinese tattoos design have been long known for their meaning and each individual has their own reason,statements,may be it an expression of what they are,what they want to become, a symbol of change in their life, or may be a reminder of those they love most. Chinese script tattooing is known for its variety and simplicity,one being able to convey strong expressions or statements with small symbols.
One of the striking pieces of Chinese tattoos is the Dragon tattoo . It was Once associated with criminals, now it has become a trend in popular culture. The dragon is seen as a symbol of power and even mystery. Many people use to get these tattoos for aesthetic purposes or for stunning look, without knowing exactly how they differ.A yellow dragon without horns is well known for its knowledge, while a horned dragon is known to be the strongest of creatures.

chinese tattoo script on girl lower back chinese tattoo script on girl lower back