Cross Tattoos Besides the holy cross, there are number of Christian images that are often used in Christian cross tattoos. The fish symbol have its own significance based on assorted biblical references,a stylized fish symbol is often used as a symbol of Christ. This is a smaller in size but Widely known symbol that gives itself well to tattooing, especially in black or dark in color. Cross tattoos are Flashy and typically large,when done on men and tend to be compact,more simple looking on females. The interesting thing about Cross Tattoos is that you need not to be devout follower of any religion to have cross tattoos on your skin.

Apart from Christian Cross Tattoos, there are mainly three main types of non religious cross tattoos:
* The Ankh Cross Tattoos
* The Gothic Cross Tattoos
* The Tau Cross Tattoos

alyssa milano cross tattoo blue cross tattoo with cross necklace wrapped

-The Ankh Cross Tattoo,An Egyptian Cross tattoo,also known as "ansate cross", shaped like the letter T, when the top part is shaped like a loop.
-The Gothic Cross Tattoo are generally done in dark color, mysterious images.cross tattoos wrapped in barbed wire, or when the vertical part of the cross is change into a dagger and the bottom of the blade is colored in blood.
-The Tau Cross Tattoo also known as "Saint Anthony's cross",basically shaped like a capital T with the two lines intersecting at the top of the vertical column. The Tau cross was a symbol of the Roman God Mithras,the Greek Attis and their forerunner Tammuz, the Sumerian solar God, the consort of the Goddess Ishtar.

lower girl cross tattoo cross wings tattoo stencil

In the tattoo designs, the cross tattoos is very popular which gives a visual illustration of faith and heritage. Cross tattoos depict so much symbolish and are extremely versatile in their styles. In the cross tattoos designs,there exist an wide array of design,to render from some of the most famous and globally accepted designs of cross tattoos.

ankh cross tattoo cross tau tattoo