A Dragon tattoo symbolizes many different things depending on the Different culture and nature. Basically it is known as a symbol of furious,power,courage or strong will.Dragons were consider as powerful, protective, and they were respected for victories qualities.
In ancient period,They were often protectors of a treasure and were symbolic of a most valiant defender. They were consider as panic of the people,symbols of death evil.Thus the dragon as a introduced charge may signify the faith,strength and selfless courage.

dragon tattoo celebrity dragon tattoo on girl upper back

Dragon tattoos are oldest and classic choice for a tattoo design. Dragons are regarded as the popular mythologic creatures which are used in tattooing. It is much usually admired by young generation as both men and women. People of different culture and ethnic groups related dragons with different beliefs and legends.
In Asian countries like China and Japan,dragons are worshiped as divine supernatural creatures and in Christianity dragons are considered as demons. Whatever history or legends reveals about the dragons,one thing is true about dragon tattoos which are always fascinated by the tattoo lovers throughout the world. Dragon tattoos makes an impressive and powerful personal statement for the individual who can choose it for self expression in body art.

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Dragon tattoo designs are available in an large range of colors and designs with different shape and size. Dragons are basically serpent like creatures with large wings and deadly claws and bloody eyes and hence tattoo artists explore to find as dragon tattoos one of most intricate designs. Dragon made as dragon tribal tattoos or dragon Celtic tattoos are also very popular in the tattoos design.