Tattoos are much popular and exclusively done by woman or girl all over the world and Much admired for the sensuality and much popular among young generation specially in girls.The marking of tattoos on the girls lower back is probably the reason which is considered as more seductive and sensuous than other female tattoos done on shoulders,naval and ankles. It is the perfect embellishment on any girl's body.

Girls usually likes simple and attractive design on their face which can be collection of tattoo circle or dots.It can be done permanent or temporary tattoo like mehndi tattoo as it is most popular in india.

ring tattoo for girl waist white ink tattoo for girl

The girls tattoos became more common as well as acceptable. Now a days, most people find female tattoos sexy,seductive and attractive, they certainly are not offensive anymore. Girls tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive looking compared to men's tattoos. They tend to have thinner lines, though this is, of course, a generalization rather than a rule. Having tattoo art on different parts of body nowadays becomes in fact a passion for girls. Tattoos for girl stands for girl's style as well as fashion. Sometimes they can be appeared as a symbol of love, romance or something else. As there are multiple range of tattoo designs, girls have the options to pick up their particular choice from angel wings tattoo, sacred hearts tattoo, sparrows, butterflies, hearts, script tattoos and so on.

kissing tattoo for girl on lower waist girl tattoo on arm self portrait

Traditional Japanese tattoos have a special demand to the girls. These are designed having Japanese characters that hold a particular meaning. Apart from this, girls want to draw their body with dragon, Koi fish etc. These are actually very large and enough to cover their back, arms and hips. Tattoos available in the Traditional American tattoos are very popular ones seen on the girls' abdomen, chests, back and legs. The tattoo images included in this line are typical American cars, swallows, pin-ups, nautical stars etc. The 'sailor Jerry' called as old school tattoo is one of the well known items for girls.