Script tattoos are very ornate which have personal style that compliments or enhance any collection of tattoo design or body art. people get script tattoo to show respect to a certain individual or to express a very specific personal feeling.Script tattoo designs are used in the way that have a very striking and dramatic effect.

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A lot of the script tattoos are pretty simple, but there are elegant pieces that show only the letters themselves which can be of various kind. Usually These are composed of words such as faith, love, or peace and Other people like to have quotes that they feel they have a personal connection with. These script tattoos are usually names,quote song lyrics, bible verses or quotes from famous people. Script tattoos are often done for memorial pieces or portraits or like " dedicated to the memory of " or " in loving memory ". They also add names, dates and other vital pieces of message to the finished piece. Script tattoos used in this way have a very appealing or stunning style.

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Most popular letters and script characters commonly used for tattoos:

Handwritten Script Tattoos
Calligraphy Script Tattoos
Roman Script Tattoos
Cursive Script Tattoos
Old School Script Tattoos
Tribal Script Tattoos
Gothic Script Tattoos
Old English Script Tattoos
Celtic Script Tattoos
Graffiti Script Tattoos

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