A Tiger tattoos symbolizes indestructible,might and power.
In Japanese tattoos, the tiger are sometimes partnered with a dragon to symbolize heaven and earth that is yin & yang. The Tiger is a powerful symbol across Asia in several cultures and has long been a most popular in native tattooing in India, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan.Tigers are related with power, ferocity, passion and sensuality, speed, cruelty and wrath.The appearance of a tiger tattoos on your body part mainly done on arms, chest and lower neck gives stunning looks.Tigers are regarded as a popular symbol in the Eastern world.

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The Siberian Tiger Tattoo :

The rarest and largest of all tiger species,with males reaching over ten feet from nose-tip to tail-tip are famous in that species.The Siberian tiger haunts the forests of South-eastern Russia and parts of China .
As risk ot their extinction,only a few hundred of these majestic animals came to an existence in the wild life. Tiger tattoos shows as the Siberian tiger power unmatched and makes a difference with other.In several Eastern mythologies, tigers are considered as the kings of all beasts much like the lion. tigers and its tattoo symbols usually makes a statements about the royalty and mystique.

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